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Astra Zeidan Inc. is wholly committed throughout the organization to promoting Quality and Continual Improvement best practices and promotes a culture in which all employees share this commitment. This commitment is evident at all levels of staff.

Astra Zeidan Inc. is committed to providing quality deliverables and solutions as per the planned effort and productivity resulting in client satisfaction and respecting client budget.  Astra Zeidan Inc. is committed to continual improvement initiatives on all its projects.

Through the quality program, Astra Zeidan Inc. will implement an effective Quality Management System, identify, analyze and effectively manage all business risks, monitor and improve performs through audits, reviews and Six Sigma methodologies, comply with local and international legal, regulatory and standard requirements and continually train and develop its staff.


Astra Zeidan Inc. believes that the commitment of its employees at all levels within the organization is key to achieving excellence in Quality.

Six Sigma


AstraConcepts team are certified Six Sigma practitioners who implement Define, Measure, Analyze, Identify and Control (DMAIC) process and Design for Six Sigma practices in their daily work, procedures and manuals.

Six Sigma methodology is how we practice quality, HSE, project management, engineering, operational and financial activities.



AstraConcepts is committed to practicing design and construction of facilities in-line with industry health, safety and environment (HSE) best practices.  Click here to download a copy of our HSE Policy.  Safety in design is practiced throughout the project life cycle through a series of preventive safety sessions such as HAZID, HAZOP, SIL, SIMOPS, FMEA.  Also, Six Sigma practices is key to continue improving our HSE practices.



Holds a certificate of authorization (CofA) from Professional Engineers of Ontario ( – Corporate Name: Astra Zeidan Inc. and CofA number: 100558596)

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