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AstraConcepts utilizes CAPITAL-BASE®, an in-house tool developed to estimate conceptual capital costs of projects worldwide.  CAPITAL-BASE® is utilized to estimate CAPEX and OPEX of refinery, tank farms, LNG, oil & gas plants, power and utilities based on in-house and vendor quoted data.  CAPITAL-BASE® is complimented with Aspen Process Economic Analyzer; a model-based simulation tool that generates project capital cost estimates and operating cost estimates.

Cost Estimate.png
Cash Flow Analysis.PNG

Key Benefits

  • Energy and Utility plants cost estimate

  • Well-qualified and proven data

  • Utilized for bankable feasibility studies

  • Customized to the study requirements

  • Ability to evaluate multiple scenarios

  • Produce CAPEX, OPEX and Cash Flows

  • Enables Linear Programming (LP) Economic Analysis

  • Crude Unit

  • Vacuum Units

  • Coker

  • Deasphalting

  • Visbreaking

  • FCCU

  • Hydrotreating Unit

  • Hydrocracking Units

  • Alkylation

  • Platforming

  • Isomerization

  • Amine & SWS

  • LNG

  • Gas Plant

  • Gas Compression

  • Gas Dehydration

  • Liquid Dehydration

  • Propane Cycle

  • MCR Cycle

  • SRU

  • NG Power Plant

  • Combined Cycle Power Plant

  • Substations

  • Control Centres

  • Buildings

  • WT & WWT Plants

  • Utilities

  • Tank Farms

  • Offsites

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