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REFINE-TECH® is a state-of-art in-house refinery units performance and yield prediction tool based on rigorous feed characterization, technology selection, product specifications and operating conditions.  REFINE-TECH® is developed by AstraConcepts using over 50 years of refinery data.   AstraConcepts engineers deliver optimized and fit-for-purpose conceptual models.

Refinery Flow Scheme

Key Benefits

  • Refinery-wide black box modeling

  • Well-qualified and proven data

  • Utilized for bankable feasibility studies

  • Customized to the study requirements

  • Ability to evaluate multiple scenarios

  • Integrated with CAPEX and OPEX economic simulation

  • Enables Refinery Linear Programming (LP) Economic Analysis

  • Crude / Condensate Distillation Unit (CDU)

  • Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU)

  • Delayed/Flexi Coker Unit (DCU)

  • De-asphalting (DAU)

  • Visbreaker Unit (VBU)

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCCU)

  • Hydrotreating Unit (HTU)

  • Hydrocracking Units (HCU)

  • Alkylation Unit (AKU)

  • Platforming (PLU)

  • Isomerization (IMU)

  • Amine Recovery Unit (ARU)

  • Sour Water Stripper (SWS)

  • Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

  • Saturated Gas Plant (SGP)

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