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CHEMSYS® is AstraConcepts’s leading process simulation software and optimization model for optimized performance and enhanced efficiency of chemical facilities. At the core of CHEMSYS® technology is the rigorous process simulation models developed by DWSIM which generates dependable results in a user-friendly environment.  CHEMSYS® is the go-to simulation tool for upstream, midstream and downstream hydrocarbon, chemical and water treatment processes.

CHEMSYS® includes the following models:

  • CHEMSYS-H2O® for water treatment processes

  • CHEMSYS-Hydro® for hydrocarbon processes

  • CHEMSYS-Kimya® for chemical processes

  • CHEMSYS-Energy® for energy benchmarking and optimization

  • CHEMSYS-Enviro® for environmental emissions benchmarking

  • CHEMSYS-Flare® for flare and flare systems modeling

  • CHEMSYS-Piping® for piping process hydraulic modeling

CHEMSYS® provides both steady state and dynamic simulation capabilities and is used for precise approximation of industrial operations

utilizing well-researched correlations and representative thermodynamic models.


Key Benefits

  • Steady State & Dynamic Process Modeling

  • Hydrocarbons, Water and Chemical Processes

  • Integration with




  • Crude Unit

  • Vacuum Units

  • Coker

  • Deasphalting

  • Visbreaking

  • FCCU

  • Hydrotreating Unit

  • Hydrocracking Units

  • Alkylation

  • Platforming

  • Isomerization

  • Vapor Recovery Unit

  • Amine & SWS

  • LNG

  • Gas Plant

  • Gas Compression

  • Gas Dehydration

  • Liquid Dehydration

  • Propane Cycle

  • MCR Cycle

  • Water Treatment

  • Wastewater

  • Bio Processes

  • Chemical

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