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Business Portfolio

Customer Connections Process Forecasting
Toronto Hydro, Toronto, Canada.


Investigated the current "as is" processes for Customer Connections demand resulting in electrical and civil contractual works.  AstraConcepts team identified the impact of macro and micro environment factors on the actual demand and spend. AstraConcepts developed a data-driven tool to forecast customer connection budgets based on the published data of Toronto population, Ontario GDP and others.

Strategy & Practice in SME Engineering Firm
STONE Oil & Gas, Toronto, Canada.


Investigated strategies and practices adopted by a SME engineering firm in order to gain insights into gaps and areas for improvement for future achievement of competitive advantage.  The study was based on comparative analysis based on the theory known as the Process of Strategy.  This was accomplished by reviewing aspects of the Positioning, Environmental, Cultural, Cognitive, Learning, Power, Positioning, Design, Entrepreneurial and Configuration Schools of the strategy making process in SME and advising the best practical path forward for SMEs business success.

Operation Strategy for SME in Agro-Business
Sunrise Seeds, East Lansing, Michigan, USA and Verona, Italy


Analyzed the Operation Strategy for an International SME working for the Agro-Business industry (Sunrise Seeds Ltd) for the purpose of identifying Operation Strategy issues and gaps and recommending the best practical path forward. The analysis included examining Sunrise Capacity Strategy, mapping Sunrise Supply Network, analyzing the Supply Chain Balance Strategy and Sunrise positioning in terms of Transaction Supply Arrangement and Partnership Supply Arrangement.  Also, the study examined Sunrise Technology Strategy and Organizational and Development Strategy.  Recommendations focused on areas of improvements to enhance Sunrise competitive advantage and operational efficiency.

Organizational Behavior Frame Analysis
Sand Valley, Cairo, Egypt.


Performed power and structural frame analysis for a SME in the Agro-Business industry (Sand Valley) to identify issues related to management of Sand Valley operation.  An analysis of the formal and informal groups that exists within the organization identified sources of operational frictions among Sand Valley stakeholders.  We have provided recommendations to enhance the operational efficiency and team work.

Supply Chain Management Project
Sunrise Seeds, East Lansing, Michigan, USA and Verona, Italy


Developed Process Maps and Online Application System using Bizagi Process Management System to track and process orders utilizing supply chain management principles.  The application achieved effective management of shipping of high value hybrid seeds from multiple sources to multiple destinations while fulfilling complex import and export permit and lab testing requirements.

Tawtheeq Department Development
Abu-Dhabi Municipality, Abu-Dhabi, UAE.


Developed comprehensive process maps and procedures covering all aspects of day-to-day activities of Tawtheeq Department including the primary processes that deliver services to the customers and the secondary processes that provide support to the primary processes.  The development involved the IMAIC steps to Identify, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control all activities.

Labour Force Hiring and Retention
Dubai Water Front - District B&D Earthworks Project, Nakheel Developments, Dubai, UAE.


Reduced the cycle time of labour force hiring and increased retention.  Identified and removed gaps from the hiring process such as improved selection and evaluation of the labour hiring subcontractors, streamlining communication between project management labour requirements and HR, and reducing cycle time from the point of applicant screening to extending a job offer / acceptance.  Simulated the hiring process using iGrafx to examine impact of process changes, approval levels and HR staffing levels on hiring process cycle time and on-demand hiring.


Reduction of Field Recordable Injuries
Horizon Coker Project - Petro Canada, Montreal.


Investigated field recordable injuries and identified an above normal frequency of hand injuries, foreign body to eye and incidents related to tripping hazards.  As a result, construction management was directed to wear Kelvin gloves and mono goggles under specific high risk work scenarios, to implement random site photo-based inspection program to promote a risk-free work environment, and to utilize a data-driven Path of Construction (PoC) along with focused awareness campaigns.

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