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AstraConcepts team utilizes the latest and state-of-art technologies to provide solutions for everyday processes and systems.

Aspen Plus - HYSYS - Flarenet
  • Crude Unit

  • Vacuum Units

  • Hydrotreating Unit

  • Hydrocracking Units

  • Alkylation

  • Platforming

  • Isomerization

  • FCCU

  • Coker Units

  • Visbreaker

  • Deasphalting

  • Amine

  • SWS


REFINE-TECH® is a state-of-art in-house refinery units performance and yield prediction tool based on rigorous feed characterization, technology selection, product specifications and operating conditions.  REFINE-TECH® is developed by AstraConcepts using over 50 years of refinery data.   AstraConcepts engineers deliver optimized and fit-for-purpose conceptual models.

Aspen Plus - HYSYS - Flarenet

AstraConcepts engineers deliver optimized and fit-for-purpose conceptual models using Aspentech software tools such as,

  • Aspen HYSYS®

  • Aspen Plus®

  • Aspen EDR®

  • Aspen Process Economic Analyzer®

  • Aspen Energy Optimization®

Simulation & Design


AstraConcepts team models Refinery, Oil & Gas Upstream and Chemical Processes using Aspen HYSYS® and Aspen Plus® with in-depth know-how of thermodynamic packages and benchmarking best practices. 


AstraConcepts Engineers models chemical electrolyte systems OLI Systems® and Aspen Plus®.  Our team are experts in energy optimization and heat exchangers rating and design using Aspen ADR®.

OLI Systems - Corrosion
Corrosion Engineering
OLI Systems

AstraConcepts engineers utilize OLI Systems® to model electrolyte chemistry and corrosion issues in refining, industrial, utilities and water dominant processes.

OLI Systems determine phase and ionic composition and is essential for predicting vital information regarding potential trouble spots in design.

Engineering Tools.PNG


iGrafx - Six Sigma
Bizagi - Business Model
Business Modeling with
Bizagi and iGrafx


AstraConcepts team uses powerful, robust BPMS platform, Bizagi® and iGrafx®, to make your business more agile so that your team can adapt quickly to your ever-changing world from single process automation to business transformation in any industry, of any size.


AstraConcept steam fixes broken processes and strengthen connections between ERP, BI, ECM, CRM and all your enterprise systems, giving your organization the crystal-clear view to optimize your business.


AstraConcepts team uses Bigazi® to deliver improved operational efficiencies, shorter time to market and better customer experience across countries, time zones and languages.

Business Model

AstraConcepts utilizes CAPITAL-BASE®, an in-house tool developed to estimate conceptual capital costs of projects worldwide.  CAPITAL-BASE® is utilized to estimate CAPEX and OPEX of refinery, tank farms, LNG, oil & gas plants, power and utilities based on in-house and vendor data.

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