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3D LiDAR SCAN® is a state-of-art 3D scanning for plants and facilities.  Astra Concepts has performed 3D scanning and modelling using LiDAR scanning tools to capture existing plants, sync with 3D model in order to accurately capture location and measurements of systems, perform 3D modeling, clash detection and tie in modifications.  The 3D LiDAR scan also served well in documenting site visit and walk down activities and enabled the broader engineering team to view site set-up.


Key Benefits

  • Capture existing setting dimensions

  • Very valuable for conducting tie ins and small plant modifications

  • Cost effective and flexible to handle the tools

  • Import images into 3D Modelling tools

3D Model

  • Design and model modifications while superimposing the design within the model of the existing facility built using LIDAR scan to identify clashes

  • Optimize design to avoid extensive modifications

  • Modeling tools includes AutoCAD 3D

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