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Metallurgical FMEA Analysis


The team at AstraConcepts conducts thorough root cause analysis (termed Failure Mode and Effect Analysis or FMEA) of material, component or plant failures.

At AstraConcepts, we utilize state-of-art tools and first principles to understand the corrosion and metallurgical issues at hand in order to enhance the quality of the examination, the interpretation of the results and the ability to communicate the implications of the results. 

AstraConcepts adopts a systematic approach  in examining, testing and analyzing failures

  • Gathering information about the component such as specifications, related operating conditions, application and maintenance history

  • Detailed visual examination

  • Non-destructive testing (magnetic particle test, dye penetrate test, low magnification, ...)

  • high magnification examination and destructive testing

  • Laboratory Analysis

  • Modeling utilizing OLI Systems

  • Reporting including conclusions and recommendations.

Our services extends to small and large scale mining, refining, oil and gas, pipelines and water treatment projects and plants.

Material Selection

AstraConcepts develops Material Selection Guides (MSGs) and Diagrams (MSDs) to projects in the field of Mining, Refining, Natural Gas and LNG production in order to meet regulatory compliance and integrity requirements.

AstraConcepts specializes in

  • Technical Authority in materials and corrosion

  • NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156 / MR0103 / API 571 advice

  • Materials Selection

  • Technology review and materials qualification support

  • Welding engineering support

Electrolyte Modeling 

AstraConcepts team utilizes corrosion modeling using OLI systems.  OLI Systems delivers insights to maximize operational efficiency and mitigate risks utilizing specialized electrolyte thermodynamics and aqueous corrosion simulation.

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