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Residential & Commercial  Services by Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf transforms the vision of customers into reality by offering "turnkey" qualified services with "tailor-made" solutions.

As "main contractor", Maple Leaf closely follows every stage, from design to implementation and from installation to maintenance of private spaces, interiors, commercial facilities and public buildings. Maple Leaf applies the most rigorous methods of control in each project and every process follows the most advanced international standards of quality.

We are committed to differentiating ourselves increasing our expertise in executing large and sophisticated facilities and infrastructure projects while maintaining a highly controlled 
management process for every new project and venture.



Maple Leaf is active in works related to civil residential and commercial facilities.

  • Renewable Energy

  • Hospitality Sector refurbishment

  • Civil Works including Concrete & Steel Structures

  • MEP Works

  • Furniture, Fittings & Equipment

  • Landscaping

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