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AstraConcepts provides engineering and design services for the renewable energy industry focused hydrogen production, transportation and storage processes, Carbon Capture Sequestration & Storage, and Renewable Natural Gas.  We offer leading engineering designs throughout the hydrogen energy process life cycle in recognition of Canadian and international directives to develop and expand a sustainable zero-carbon economy.

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AstraConcepts utilizes state-of-the-art engineering design and modeling tools in the fields of

  • CCUS & Hydrogen Energy

  • Oil & Gas, Refining and LNG 

  • Power Generation

  • Water & Desalination

  • Storage and Tank Farms

  • Offsites & Utilities

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AstraConcepts services include deployment and implementation of Digital Process Automation (DPA) utilizing Bizagi to transform manual processes into digital applications and integrate legacy software such as Project Management, Accounting (Business-based and  Project-based) SAP, ERP, etc. and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into a single process framework.  AstraConcepts utilizes state-of-art software tools to enhance your work processes

  • Bizagi

  • iGrafx

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AstraConcepts utilizes REFINE-TECH®, an in-house tool developed based on 50 years of refining data for predicting & modeling the performance & yield of key Refinery units

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Assets Int®
Gas Plant

CHEMSYS® is AstraConcepts leading process simulation software for optimized performance and enhanced efficiency of chemical facilities. At the core of CHEMSYS® technology is the rigorous process simulation model by DWSIM.  CHEMSYS® is the go-to modeling tool for hydrocarbon, chemical and water processes.

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Business Model

AstraConcepts utilizes CAPITAL-BASE®, an in-house tool developed to estimate conceptual capital costs of projects worldwide.  CAPITAL-BASE® is utilized to estimate CAPEX and OPEX of refinery, tank farms, LNG, oil & gas plants, power and utilities based on in-house and vendor data.

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Our team has worked with top clients in the Industrial and Governmental sectors.  More information is available here.

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